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About The Ian Scott Group

The team at The Ian Scott Group have a combined many decades worth of experience in providing solutions to businesses in the digital world.

In 1997, Ian Scott co-founded a business that focused on providing web design services which expanded into e-commerce solutions, custom development, Linux server management & hosting, Social Media products & services, search engine optimization & marketing services.

Today, this business has evolved into The Ian Scott Group where we are dedicated to helping businesses with their challenges in a fast-paced and changing world. With clients throughout North America and Europe, we're well suited to help your business, regardless of your location.

Our head office is located in Orangeville, Ontario with a European office in Athens, Greece.

Meet The Ian Scott Group Team

kiriaki iordanou


Not sure where we'd be without Kiriaki the past two years! She's a gem, and we're lucky to have her. She makes the best Greek coffee!

Kiriaki is more than the best Greek coffee maker though - she helps to keep things running and organized in both our Orangeville Web Design & Athens, Greece Business office. She helps to keep the rest of us on track with projects, making sure everything is organized and works hard on all of our projects.

Kiriaki brings her own experiences running a successful E-Commerce shop in Greece focussing on Ladies Fashion & Accessories and has a great eye for marketing and website design. With those skills, she brings a lot to The Ian Scott Group. She has assisted with all of our projects over the past two years,

When not helping with web development, Kiriaki answers our phone, helps to manage our busy schedule, and keeps the desks neat and tidy. Honestly, she does it all!

Our amazing "do it all" Gal also has many interests and enjoys travel, has learned to drive in the snow, walk on ice, and ice skating is next on her list ;).

Fluent in both Greek and English, but if you call and Kiriaki answers the phone, she'd love to hear you ask, "Yasoo, ti kanis?"

But be prepared from some Greek spoken in return! And of course, a wonderful laugh that you can hear the big smile through the other end of the phone.

Her passion for quality shines through no matter what and she's a huge asset to this business!

Email: [email protected]

david scott


Many people in Orangeville will be familiar already with David as he is an author of two published books and has given presentations to kids on fulfilling their dreams of writing their own book, in the Orangeville area. He's also our bill collector, having earned a Second Degree Black Belt in Karate.

We're joking about David being our bill collector (but not the Second Degree Black Belt). He's quite a number of accomplishments under his belt, and his work with graphics and other general coding help have been quite valuable. With his skills and talents, he can be counted on to get things done right. He is also presently enrolled in a University Computer Science degree program.

David is an extremely enterprising young man and when he is not studying for his university degree, training at the DoJo or helping out with getting work delivered on time, he's planning his Saturday mornings at the Orangeville Farmer's Market where he and some of his friends often have a table selling their handmade crafts, art, and of course, copies of David's books.

Relaxing or working, David enjoys the beats of everything from old Classic Rock bands to Blues and to Twenty One Pilots & Imagine Dragons. This of course, makes for a great environment as there are no issues with musical tastes with any of the team when we're all in one place.

Like Kiriaki, David has been an important part of the team over the past two years, and you can see his talents in much of the graphical work that we've produced for our website design and maintenance clients.

We're really proud to have David as part of our team!

Email: [email protected]

peter demopoulos


We joke with Peter that he's a serious looking guy (he wouldn't agree to the photos from the last party), but he's really entertaining after a few shots of Tsipouro. Plus, Kiriaki is the only one of us that can pronounce his last name correctly, so we call him "Demo" for short. But he also answers to "Pete."

Kidding aside, Peter is serious about all things security and that is something that really sets The Ian Scott Group apart from other web developers and design agencies is our commitment to security and doing things right. It's been a long time priority and for many years, Ian Scott used to write about server and website security issues.

It's hard to keep up with everything today, however, and that's where "Demo" comes in. Security is one of those things that a lot of people don't want to keep up with, don't want to hear about, and often take risks in - but why take risks with your business technology? There's always a certain amount of risk but that's where Pete comes in.

His background includes a Computer Science Degree and he's totally devoted to preventing "bad guys" from taking over and learning about how they do it.

Email: [email protected]

irish flag


We don't yet have a photo of Matthew to publish (he's picky), but he hails from Ireland and brings with him some of that Celtic talent in art and graphics. Finding Matt some years ago was both lucky and a godsend - he's got amazing print graphic and logo design skills!

Over the past several years, we've relied on Matthew for logo design, business card designs and other print graphics including brochures, printed advertising and marketing materials.

His work is impeccable and he always gets it right - listening to the client's vision and ideas, and he comes up with creations that catch the eye with a big dose of professionalism.

Email: [email protected]

ian hugh scott

Ian Hugh Scott

Ian spent almost 20 years in a career of social/community policing when the "Internet" arrived in Canada. Seeing a business opportunity, he helped to found a partnership in Website Design & Development in 1997. By 2000, the business had grown to the point where Ian could resign his previous position and go full time with the new business, which has now evolved into "The Ian Scott Group."

With a focus on providing goal-centred solutions to clients, the business has retained most of the original clients in those early years, while adding more over the decades. Ian was one of the first to plan and introduce the concept of "associate programs" for businesses (similar to the model) and was also an editor for The Mining Company (later to become He was behind some of the first e-commerce sites and partnered with credit card transaction gateway companies back when it was complicated.

Ian believes in standards, and that best practices require that standards are followed. This includes elements of web design including usability for all - which may take time but in the end, is the best way for businesses to succeed in this digital age over the long term.

He has provided consulting services and given presentations in various locations throughout North America and is a firm believer in keeping up to date on technology as it relates to best practices and internet web design standards.

When not spending time on the business, Ian enjoys a diverse range of hobbies including home winemaking, cheesemaking, fly fishing, philosophy, and travelling.

Email: [email protected]

beans the boston terrier


Meet Beans. Not only is he a cheeky Boston Terrier, but he's also our psychologist. When someone has put in too many hours straight, he's there with the ball, demanding some play time.

He doesn't care about anything related to technology and prefers the outdoors and absolutely no mobile devices.

His psychological skills including making us question sometimes if he is part pig (the squeals he makes), part horse (he prances), or part juvenile delinquent (the faces he makes while trying to sneak human food).

He makes friends with everybody.

He has no email address.

While not officially part of "The Team," Ian F. Darwin has been a big part of the success of our business over the years. Ian's base is just outside of Orangeville, and he is well-known in Java programming circles, having authored two O'Reilly published books, Java Cookbook and Android Cookbook. His skillset includes having expertise with the OpenBSD operating system and he has worked with us in creating OpenBSD routers and firewalls. He also wrote the file command utility found on Unix and Linux systems. We're proud to call Ian not only a mentor, but also a good friend.

Our philosophy is built around establishing long-term relationships with our clients and providing an exemplary level of service that is both affordable and that will see a return on investment.

Our commitment to building long-term relationships is proven by the fact that we still have our very first client from 1997! Since that time, we've enjoyed establishing many more business relationships, many which have evolved into strong friendships as well.

While our head office is located in Orangeville, Ontario, a small town north west of Toronto, we're proud of the fact that our clients come from all over North America and even the United Kingdom. We work with businesses in other countries as well.

Can we help you? Contact us and let's find out if we're a good fit for each other.

From small web development projects to marketing, website maintenance, security, to large Content Management Systems (CMS) and ERP's, we work hard to understand your needs and provide solutions to your situation and business challenges.

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