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Client Stories

Bookkeeping Done Right

When Nola Hrbotecky came to us asking for help with her business website, we were more than happy to have a look at what she had tried to do on her own and made some suggestions on how it could be improved. We all know how frustrating our own bookkeeping can be, and or a…

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Shout Out To Our Client – Kurtz Millworks

One of the tremendous things about our business is that we have such great clients who operate their own businesses. And in a B2B world, it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to turn to one of your clients when you need services that they can provide. Recently, we needed some repairs to our front…

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Busy New Year! Site & Business Launches

It’s been an incredibly busy here so far, at The Ian Scott Group! We’re so thankful to our existing clients and the trust that new clients have put in us. In addition to new website launches, there has also been a lot of international travel – to Athens, Greece, and the new launch of our…

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Welcome To Headwaters Elevators!

The vast majority of businesses that we come across that are looking for a new website or a redesign/upgrade of an old one are owned by dedicated people who really have strong values and a commitment to customer service. That’s just the way most serious business people are! They know that in order to earn…

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Kristen Dobson Reflects On Her Dad

We have some great clients and many have their own great stories to tell. One long time client that we enjoy working with is Kristen Dobson, owner of BodyWorks Massage Therapy in Orangeville, Ontario. It seems that not only is Kristen an amazing massage therapy practitioner, but a great writer as well. Approaching Father’s Day…

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Personal Coaching With Heike Bronson

Some months ago, we received an email asking if we could help with a bit of a redesign with an existing website, as well as some additional features. Admittedly, we’d never worked with a client in the niche of “personal life coaching” before, and it was a lot of fun to envision what Ms Bronson…

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Safe In A Storm – Lightning Detectors

Up until about 4 years ago, I didn’t even know that there were such things as lightning detectors. Now, I want one! It was about four years ago that I received a phone call from SkyScan Canada, who wanted some help with their website. Working with this company has been a wonderful experience and we’ve…

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