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After many months of planning, The Ian Scott Group is excited to announce the opening of our European Office! Located in Nea Ionia, a suburb of Athens, Greece, our second office location will provide us the ability to offer our European clients better services with improved time zone difference than that experienced with our Canadian office in Orangeville, Canada.

While email communications are great, there are times when conversing in person or over the telephone is preferred, and this new office location will be able to provide for improved communications as well as present further opportunities for some possibilities for face to face meetings when required.

With other business (including KirIan) and personal reasons for frequent time in Greece, Athens was a perfect choice for a second office for The Ian Scott Group. Presently, the company already services several clients based in Europe including the United Kingdom and Greece.

With a Greek-speaking staff member, it also provides opportunities for The Ian Scott Group to assist businesses, both existing and start-ups in the beautiful country of Greece. Close to the airport, we can also be in other parts of Europe within hours from our new office near Athens.

Greek Economic Recovery Seen

In recent years, the economy of Greece has suffered with their economic crisis and harsh austerity measures, but we are confident that in time, the country will recover although this will take some time. “One thing we can know is that the Greek people have a special and unique resiliency to difficult times,” Ian Scott noted. “This heritage and tradition that goes back centuries will do the Greek people of today very well in overcoming the difficulties they’ve experienced in recent years. I’m confident that Greece is a great place to invest in today because of the character of the people. It’s not really an investment in Greece but a belief in the Greek people.”

Since 2016, Greece has seen growth of around 2.5% in GDP after many years of negative GPD of close to -10%. “It’s a good time to seriously consider being a part of this growth that is forecast to continue, while also being closer to other markets in Europe,” the founder of The Ian Scott Group commented.

Getting In Touch

General inquiries can still be made to our email address, [email protected] but telephone calls may now also be made to +30 210 27 97 842.

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