With a combined multitude of years experience in development, design, and many other areas of marketing and custom work, we’re able to provide a wide range of services that will help you in your efforts. As we work with businesses, we aim to provide goal-centered solutions that work. Every business is unique and has individual needs and requirements.

Tell us your problems that you’d like to solve, and let’s see if we can work together. In the meantime, some of the services that we have a great deal of experience in providing include:

Web Design/Web Development

Our core business started out 15 years ago as one that helped businesses create a presence on the internet with a website. And from the start, simply throwing up something to say “there’s our website” was not good enough. Your website is a reflection of your business, but it should also help you attract new potential customers and in some cases, even doing the converting for you.

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E-Commerce Development

While not all businesses need an E-Commerce component, many can benefit with direct online sales. E-Commerce has it’s own special requirements and if you are planning on an e-commerce project, you need someone with experience – not just to provide the platform but to ensure that you are in compliance with various regulations and requirements.

In addition, the variety of software available can be confusing, with so many promising to solve all of your problems. The truth is that there are a number of excellent e-commerce solutions, but none are totally perfect. If you’re considering going e-commerce, or looking for alternatives to what you already have, we’ll help you sort out the benefits and drawbacks so that your priorities are taken care of.

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What’s a LAMP? It’s perhaps the best and most used platform for any web development and stands for “Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP.”  These four workhorses drive the majority of websites today, and our experience with all four go back to the days before many of today’s internet surfers were born.

According to

Linux has reached unprecedented levels of deployment within enterprise environments…

op reasons given for Linux adoption include its lower total cost of ownership (TCO), the higher performance of Linux and customers’ desire to avoid vendor lock-in.

Twenty-one years after its introduction, Linux is now widely accepted and trusted within the vast majority of enterprise server environments. Eighty-three percent of respondents are currently running Linux in their server environments, and more than 40 percent are using Linux as either their primary server operating system or as one of their top server platforms.

Linux, combined with the Apache webserver, MySQL and PHP is, in our opinion, the best to develop on.

Server Administration/Security

We’ve been using Linux since 1997.  Ok – Linux has been around since 1991 when Linus Torvalds announced to a Usenet group that he had created the operating system which “won’t be big and professional.” Who would have thought that Linux would become one of the premiere operating systems (depending on your criteria) for a server hosting environment? To be honest, we hardly knew anything about Linux in 1997, but gave it a shot and eventually were running almost everything within a few years, on this wonderful operating system.

Today, some of our team continue to use Linux as their primary Operating System on their PC.

While it can be confusing with all the “distros” (distributions) that are available, Linux is a wonderful operating system for any environment and we can help you sort through what sometimes seems a confusion of “distributions”, and help you save money and time with your own internal or external server requirements.

And while we love Linux, we also love OpenBSD for its security and simplicity – we’re here to help you find affordable and secure solutions to your server needs.

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Internet Marketing

Whether you are just starting out in business, or have been around for awhile, keeping up and knowing what is going on in the world of Internet Marketing will be vital to your continued success.

What exactly is Internet Marketing anyhow? Ask ten different people and you might get ten different answers, some of the sort of correct, some of them old, and some of them missing out on important elements. We take a holistic approach that also keeps your goals and your target market in mind.

It could be as simple as having a search engine optimization report done on your website, and taking advantage of our recommendations. While search engines are constantly changing and adjusting their logarithms and ranking methodology, there are some things that you should always be aware of with regard to your own practices and policies.

Internet marketing could be about find the best methods and properties for advertising. It could also be about whether your site takes advantage of lead generation opportunities (and the specifics will be different for each unique business and even the business style).  It may also be that you can’t budget for everything, but doing something is better than doing nothing, right? You didn’t get started in business by doing nothing – but sometimes all the choices can be confusing. We can help you cut through to the chase of what your priorities should be, so you are doing something to improve.

Learn more about how a focused internet marketing plan can help you, here. We’ll break some of the most important things down for you and show you how we can help.

And More

You could consider us your partner in just about everything digital and internet related.  While it may see odd to go to a marketing agency for server security hardening, and vice versa, the fact is our team realizes that a holistic approach is necessary and we all need to understand the priorities of the other, so we can help you with your priorities.  And even you choose to use the services of someone else for your server requirements, we’re there for you with the technical know-how and knowledge to go to bat for you and help you out.

And that’s who we are. We want to provide you with the information that you need to make the decisions that are right for you.  And we’re very proactive about that.