Reputation Management

Is someone damaging your reputation on the Internet?   It’s a horrible thing to have someone tell lies about you and publish them, isn’t it? Most often, these cowards do these things anonymously and there is not much you can do about it. They can use proxy servers to hide their identity – and try getting Google or Yelp to tell you what IP address a false or incorrect review was left from. It’s not happening.

Maybe one of your employees simply had a bad day at work, and said something they shouldn’t have to a prospective customer – and now that prospective anonymous customer is writing terrible things about you on various internet websites. You cringe every time you “google” your business name – right there in the results are the websites where the complaints are that are harming your reputation. Makes you sick to your stomach. You could be losing a ton of money because of them.

Maybe an unethical competitor is trying to steal your business and has made up some up things about you to make you look bad on the internet.   It’s sad, but this kind of thing can happen.

If you’re a good business, and you’re a victim of this type of activity against you, we can help. We should have a private conversation and take a look at the situation. We can’t work miracles and make it all go away tomorrow, but there is an awful lot we can do to help you clean up this situation. You don’t need to continue to lose money and business due to anonymous cowards or unethical competitors.

Online reputation management is one of our specialties and has come about because of our expertise in search engine optimization.   We’ve heard the pain of a few of our clients that have had false or misleading things said about them, and those things have shown up on the first page of Google when a search was done on their name. We helped them make the pain go away.   We can help you with that pain too.   Call us and we’ll talk.

You don’t need to suffer with the thought of losing clients because of negativity about you that shows up right away on the search engines when a potential customer or client searches for you.

A warning though: We will not work with businesses or individuals that deserve that bad reputation! We are going to do our own research as well, before we determine if you are a good fit for our business. If you really do trash your customers and have a lousy business, we’re not going to help you.

But.. if you are a good business that is suffering and losing sales due to negative stuff someone has written about you, and it’s showing up when you’re name or business name is searched, we can help!

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