Staying In Business Through COVID-19

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Are you one of the business owners struggling right now with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic? We know you could be feeling very depressed, disappointed, and as if many of your dreams have been shattered. You’d probably like some good news right now, along with some ideas about how you can keep going. The situation your business is in right now is not your fault.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we’re often told to “take responsibility” but then situations like this come along, and you might be feeling many negative feelings as well as bewildered as to what you can do.

We have some thoughts:

Don’t Give Up

Many people will give up, but if you’re reading this, then it’s probably true that you don’t want to give up. Many business owners give up right before the time when they were at what seemed the lowest point, but if they had given it a bit longer, they could have seen success. You probably already know that and you are looking for ideas for what you can do to not give up.

Even during the worst economic crisis, there have been opportunities, and this economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 epidemic is no different.

Remember We’re All In This Together

Sitting at home in either self-imposed or legislated isolation is not a good state for anyone’s psychology. It’s a downer and many people are left all alone with only their thoughts – and it can be hard to see that we really are all in this economic crisis together. So, let’s get that straight – this crisis will end, and yes, we’re all in this together right now. Don’t forget that.

While governments around the world are talking big and planning on financial support for both individuals, it’s probable that it will not be enough for any of us to quickly regain an economy the way we were generally doing things pre-COVID-19. And this will not be your fault either.

Plan For Post-COVID-19 Now

Do you remember September 11th, 2001? Those of us that remember that horrible day, know what it means to say, Post 911. The world changed in many ways, and COVID-19 is going to change the world in other ways, as well. What economies will be like when this pandemic is over is hard to predict. It will be though, Post Covid-19.

But just as we found ways to adapt to Post 911, we’ll find ways to adapt to Post COVID-19 – and those that plan now and keep looking for opportunities today are the ones that will have the biggest advantages when this pandemic is over.

Look at your own business processes and analyze the processes, your sales methods, your advertising, and remember that others will need your services Post COVID-19.

All You Can Do Now Is ALL You Can Do

Art Williams once wrote a book called, “All You Can Do Is All You Can Do, But All You Can Do Is Enough!” What Art meant by this is that many people think they are doing all they can do but, in fact, they are not – and if they really did ALL they could do, it would be enough to get through tough times, achieve goals during good times, and not despair when times get especially bad.

Keep this idea in mind. What are things you CAN do right now? What can you and your business do? What opportunities might exist? Just because the government has forced your business to close its bricks and mortar doors, are there other things you can do? Consider a few examples:

  • Can you provide local delivery services?
  • Can you ramp up your E-commerce plans?
  • How about online ordering for pickup?
  • Can you teach your expertise to others? Write an E-book and sell it? Create tutorials that you can sell?
  • What are the “little” things you’ve always wanted to get around to, but never did? Can you do them now?

There are probably a lot of things you can be doing right now and using this time to keep your business goals and dreams not only alive but thriving.

This is NOT The Time To Stop Promoting Your Business

There is never a time to stop promoting your business.

Many people right now are looking for expenses to cut and you are probably one of them. There are going to be some very tough economic times for people and business owners and looking where to cut is probably one of your confusing decisions that you are trying to make. But, if you stop promoting your business, where will you be when this is all over?

To be honest, we are seeing some business owners cutting costs on some things including their online advertising and presence – and as a result, their competition are…. winning!.

We’are also working with clients right now that are positioning themselves to find the opportunities to keep going and actually expand some of their services. Some of them have seen more sales in the past two weeks than they saw in the previous two months! I’m not kidding. By entering new service areas, and expanding other ones, they have positioned themselves to get through this pandemic and come out on the other side, even stronger than they were going in!!

Get In Touch With Us

The first way to find out if we can help your business is to get in touch with us.

Why get in touch with The Ian Scott Group? We’ve been helping business owners since 1997 with their online web presence. We still have our original customers as well. Why? Because we’ve been helping them. Don’t take our word for it – take theirs:

“As the world of online commerce continues to outpace most business persons, it pays to turn that portion of a business over to the experts; people who understand and know how to keep up with such ever-changing technology. I have trusted that aspect of my business to The Ian Scott Group. They keep my company’s online presence on the cutting edge and relieve me from the effort and time involved in trying to do it myself. They have enabled me to concentrate on other aspects of my business while remaining confident that I have true experts taking care of my company’s online marketing tools.” ~Tom Kirkman

Tom has been partnered with us since 1999. You can read more about our relationship here.

Robert Meiser wrote,

“As a result of your work, I have new customers from all over the world. The website has more than met my expectations… Your work has enabled me to spend more time doing what I love to do – interacting with and providing product to my customers instead of spending time learning about technical stuff I’m not that interested in.

Thanks Ian!”

Recently, Nola Hrboticky wrote,

“I came to the Ian Scott Group with no knowledge of websites except that I needed one. Ian was fantastic to work with! Figuring out my needs, he put together a website I’m proud of. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with Ian for his support in updating content on my website and in keeping everything running smoothly.”

There are more testimonials to how we have helped businesses (and continue to help). Read them here.

But you can get started on using our expertise in web development including E-Commerce by getting in touch now. And telling us your needs, your pains, and what you hope we can do for you. No obligation to you but let’s talk and see if we can help you. Tell us more about your business:

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