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Testimonials About The Ian Scott Group

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Like anyone else, we're always excited to get testimonials about our services.  Here's a small sample. We'd like to help you as well and put your testimonial here!

"As the world of online commerce continues to outpace most business persons, it pays to turn that portion of a business over to the experts; people who understand and know how to keep up with such ever changing technology. I have trusted that aspect of my business to The Ian Scott Group. They keep my company’s online presence on the cutting edge and relieve me from the effort and time involved in trying to do it myself. They have enabled me to concentrate on other aspects of my business while remaining confident that I have true experts taking care of my company’s online marketing tools."

~Tom Kirkman, Publisher RodMaker Magazine

"I came to the Ian Scott Group with no knowledge of websites except that I needed one. Ian was fantastic to work with! Figuring out my needs, he put together a website I’m proud of. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with Ian for his support in updating content on my website and in keeping everything running smoothly."

~Nola Hrboticky, CPB
The Bookkeeper

"I do not have any experience with web site designs, so I decided to have Ian help me. He helped with the design and content of what is now a fantastic web site. It was an extremely easy process to go through. I will be using Ian going forward to help build my business. Thanks Ian."

~Bob McLarty
Fix 'N List

"I love the new website and everything you thought of to make sure was there. This experience was easier than I thought it would be, and the new logo and business cards are something I'm very proud of.

Thanks so much for all that you did. It was so helpful to understand why you do the things you do, and how it makes a difference. The new logo and business cards are great as well! Great job from all of your team!"

~Rick Kowacz
Premier Safety Training

"I want to thank you for creating a fantastic new website for me; its fast easy to navigate whether I look at it on my phone or the computer, it's always in perfect format.

This website will help my business - people can get on it see great full-screen photos of my work and information with ease. I have needed a site like this for a long time now I have one!

Thanks again."
Wayne Hyde
Wayne Hyde - Bronze Sculpture Artist

"I have worked with Ian for over 17 years now and have always appreciated his commitment to his clients. I have just completed a new journey with Ian, that being the development of a wonderful new website:

Ian is not only creative, but he is thorough, particular, very knowledgeable and very fair.

I would not hesitate to recommend The Ian Scott Group for professional business needs.

Thank you Ian, I look forward to working with you for many more years."

~Brenda E. Chabot
Canadian Representative and Historical Research,
Wayne Hyde Bronze

"My experience working with the Ian Scott Group to redesign my website was a very positive one. The request I was making was quite complicated and I found that Ian helped me clarify my thinking by listening closely to my intentions and making excellent suggestions. With each conversation, we got closer to figuring out what I really needed to support my business. Ian demonstrated a breadth of knowledge and was always willing to spend time researching the ideas we talked about to make sure he was giving the most up to date information. I am extremely pleased with the new images and interactive forum that Ian added to enhance the functionality of my website, which has expanded the services I am able to offer."
Heike Bronson, Ed.D
Professional Coach ATC

Certified Author Coach
CVI Certified Practitioner

Being a fairly new business owner (one year) we decided that our website needed upgraded. I called Ian and his crew and they met with me to determine the style of website I was looking for. I received a proposal from them and was pleasantly surprised that the cost was so reasonable. Cost factors agreed upon , Ian started work on our website design. We were updated and had input throughout the whole process and were not discouraged even once for the many, many changes we wanted to make. Our website was everything we expected and more. I would recommend to any business big or small wanting to make an impact on the world wide web and build their empire to the fullest!”

Terry Holmes, Holmes Tire Inc.

I want to thank you guys for the job you have done (and continue to do) on my website, It looks great and I get a lot of compliments on it.

But even more importantly Ian, the search engine optimization you have done with my website is incredible! As you know, my specialty is fly fishing rods, especially spey double handed and switch rods. On many search terms that my potential new customers would use to find my products, I am ranked very highly on major search engines and for many search word phrases, I have the most valuable #1 spot!

As a result of your work, I have new customers from all over the world. The website has more than met my expectations and your skill in helping me achieve excellent search engine rankings is a major reason why.

I’m not sure exactly what magic you do, and I don’t have time to learn it. Your work has enabled me to spend more time doing what I love to do – interacting with and providing product to my customers instead of spending time learning about technical stuff I’m not that interested in.

Thanks Ian! "

Bob Meiser, R.B. Meiser Fly Rods

"I can highly recommend (The Ian Scott Group) to help you with your search engine marketing and SEO. Ian has helped my clients numerous times and they've all come out on top of the search engines. Ian knows his SEO and if you've not hired him yet to help you rank better, you should."

Tawnya Sutherland, Founder & Mediamage Business Solutions

"I couldn't be more pleased with the site you put together. I have one thing to say: You are a Pro! .... I'm going to have all my friends visit and see what you've done. I know they will be impressed.... Thank You for a great site!"

- Ron Elder, Owner Elder Marine.

"I just spent some time touring the whole site and once again, I am knocked out by what an incredible job you have done. It is fun, interesting, it loads quickly, it's wonder I'm getting such great feedback."

- Elizabeth Winthrop, Author

"In all the years I have been involved in my business, nothing has worked so well as the job you did for us. I give you guys a triple A rating for the work you did. Thanks!"

- Bob McKamey, Shelbyville, TN

"I have used Ian Scott on two occasions, the first was for a fishing related website that involved worldwide distribution of specialty items. Ian was hired to develop a web site that would be unique, user friendly and would capture the audience.

The second time I hired Ian Scott was to develop a website for a large roofing contractor in the Greater Toronto Area.


The search engines optimization was beyond my expectations. In time we were getting highly ranked for important search terms on a variety of search engines.

Ian's knowledge what of what works and what doesn't really impressed me and this was proven with the success of the web pages that he designed."

~Ian Duffield, Senior Completions Lead at AMEC Americas

"Through fly fishing, I’ve known Ian Scott since the 1980s. In the 1990s when Ian started PairoWoodies he told me, “You need to get on line. You need to have an on line presence and here’s how to do it.” I never actually found the time to ‘get around to it’ but eventually I did. When I built my website - I’m Scottish so I wanted to do it myself - Ian gave me a whack of pointers, and he was dead-on. When I’ve had an internet issue, Ian has always been able to sort it out for me, and, he did it quickly. I’m not sure how he does it, and frankly I don’t care, but what I do know is ... Ian gets the job done. Now, if only he could teach me how to use a cell phone!"

~Ian Colin James Canadian Fly Fishing Guide

"Britannia Printers has had a close working relationship with (Ian Scott) since 1998. We have collaborated on a number of projects together and have enjoyed working with each other.

In the autumn of 2010, we took advantage of the skills in search engine optimization that he has. When his business began working on our behalf to get our website to appear higher in the search engines for words and phrases related to our business, it was very hard to find our website with any search terms aside from our business name.

Just a few short months later, his business had us ranking much higher in both the organic and "Local Places" search results. In fact, for some search terms, we are ranking in the top three positions on page 1 of

As a result, we have noticed an increase in new business at our already busy shop as new potential clients discover us when searching the web.

I would highly recommend the services of The Ian Scott Group of Orangeville, ON if your website is lagging in the search engine results and could use a boost in rankings."

~Les Saunders - Britannia Printers Inc

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