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We've got a list of articles that you might want to read to understand just what goes into a proper and technically correct website design. Correct technical design is as important, and in some ways, more important than just how beautiful your website is. Please contact us if you have any questions!


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Speed Matters: Why You Should Speed Up Your Website! (With Some Tips)

There are a lot of new "web design agencies" appearing - with the proliferation of website building tools. Website building tools can help someone put together a website with little experience, however, many of these agencies have very little experience or knowledge with technical issues of website building, including website speed. Hosting companies also complicate matters by promising things like "unlimited traffic" or estimates of monthly pageviews without telling you much upfront about their "Terms Of Service" (TOS). 

Visitors to your website also don't want to wait 6 seconds (even 4 seconds is slow) for your webpages to load. Have a look at our comprehensive in-depth article on why website speed matters and some of the problems that cause slow websites.

Speed Matters: Why You Should Speed Up Your Website!

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Web Design & SEO: Myths & Facts

Originally written to address some questions we had heard from some local Orangeville businesses, this article examines some of the myths and facts about website design and search engine optimization. While originally addressed to Orangeville area business owners, it's applicable to your website regardless of your location. 

We look at some of the more technical search engine issues, explain the difference between "Organic" and "Local" search results, how optimizing for each is different, and explode some myths about SEO.

Web Design & SEO: Myths & Facts


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