We are really proud of the fact that we’ve retained almost all of our original clients while we develop new relationships with new clients. One of those long-term clients is Tom Kirkman, publisher of RodMaker Magazine in High Point, North Carolina. We’ve been providing Tom with internet web development services including e-commerce, custom coding, WordPress specializations, marketing and search engine optimization for about two decades.

We recently completed a new E-commerce website for Tom for his printed periodical, RodMaker We built it on the WordPress platform with the WooCommerce extension, web and SEO optimized images, and of course, ensured technically correct best practices that Google likes. Of course, we don’t use best practices only for Google; we use best practices because it is the right thing to do, for end-users visiting the website, visitors that may browse the site using a text-based browser,  and because there’s a reason for best practices that go back to the early days of computing, file management including file naming, and ensuring technical correctness.

We know that a lot of “marketers” today, forget about best practices and end up taking big risks as far as onsite search engine optimization – and even go so far as to installing sketchy and insecure plugins for some feature that could be written with a few lines of code. Bloated websites are unnecessary and in fact, carry security risks.

With this philosophy, we’ve been working with Tom and his several businesses for a very long time.

Today, we were very happy and proud to receive the following from him:

As the world of online commerce continues to outpace most business persons, it pays to turn that portion of a business over to the experts; people who understand and know how to keep up with such ever-changing technology. I have trusted that aspect of my business to the Ian Scott Group. They keep my company’s online presence on the cutting edge and relieve me from the effort and time involved in trying to do it myself. They have enabled me to concentrate on other aspects of my business while remaining confident that I have true experts taking care of my company’s online marketing tools.

~Tom Kirkman, RodMaker Magazine

From The Ian Scott Group, thank you Tom! We’ve enjoyed working with you and watching you grow and it’s been exciting for us to have been there with you, every step of the way! Indeed, online commerce and web development, while in some ways, is more accessible to business owners with the wide array of “themes,” and tools, there are still technical aspects of web development and e-commerce that experience and knowledge can help to understand and implement.

Knowing best-practices while understanding the evolution of e-commerce is indeed helpful for businesses in getting a good running start and then maintaining and optimizing their internet presence.

And it’s terrific for us when we receive testimonials from clients in regard to our work and service for them!

You can read more testimonials to the work and service of The Ian Scott Group here. We’d love to have your testimonial there some day soon, too!

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