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How Often Do You Back Up Your Data? Try This If You Don’t

How often do you back up your data from your PC or laptop? If you’re like most people, probably hardly ever. You probably mean to do it, but every day, something else comes up and that full backup just does not happen. Hey – it’s happened long ago, to us as well. Long hours working…

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Time To Get That SSL Certificate And Move To HTTPS

If you’re serious about your business, you’re probably serious about your website (or you should be). And that means you really need to be thinking about migrating your website to the SSL protocol instead of the “regular” http. Google has been hinting for some time now that in their opinion, SSL is extremely important for…

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Google Chrome & SSL Security

About a year ago, we told you about we told you about Google’s addition to their Web Master Guidelines, recommending that all websites move to the SSL (https) protocol for the sake of security and privacy of internet users.  One of the questions back then was whether this would affect search engine rankings negatively or…

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SEO And SSL: Our Own Case Study

For some time now, Google have been recommending that websites use the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol if at all possible. As we discussed earlier in our article entitled “Webmaster Guidelines And SSL,” there are two protocols that websites can run on: Regular unencrypted HTTP, and encrypted HTTPS over SSL. Briefly, HTTPS or SSL creates…

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Another WordPress Security Update

On February 2nd, 2016, WordPress announced that a security update had been released. This new update takes WordPress to Version 4.4.2 and according to the developers, the “strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately.” Two vulnerabilities in WordPress Core were discovered and fixed: 1. A Server Side Request Forgery Vulnerability A Server Side Request…

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Webmaster Guidelines And SSL

A couple of days ago about January 27th, 2016, Google made some big changes to it’s Webmaster Guidelines. Google has published guidelines for many years and once in awhile, has made some minor updates to them. This latest revision is perhaps the biggest since it first came out with guidelines for webmasters. There’s actually quite…

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WordPress Security Update

A couple of days ago, WordPress released a security and bug fix update. The announcement stated that all versions of WordPress up to and including Version 4.4 are affected by a cross-site scripting vulnerability. Such a vulnerability could allow an attacker to get access to your WordPress installation and then of course, do other nasty…

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Dangers Of WordPress Auto Updates

WordPress is a wonderful platform to develop websites on and has many benefits, both from a developmental point of view and as a content management system. It’s one of our favourite platforms to work with although it needs tweaking “straight out of the box.” One of the things that makes WordPress great is the ability…

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Facebook Introduces PGP Support

In an interesting and welcome (for many) move, Facebook announced today that it would be supporting PGP/GPG email encryption for emails originating from them to their users. For the vast majority of Facebook users, it might not be a big move, but for those who are interested in privacy and would like to see a…

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