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Nea Ionia Website Design

Do you need a new Nea Ionia website design or makeover? Perhaps your business is brand new and you're looking to start from scratch? We have a great deal of experience helping businesses throughout the world. Since 1997, we've been building websites, providing SEO/local marketing services and managing servers for both new and established businesses.

We don't only offer Web Design for Nea Ionia area businesses either. Our other services which include:

E-Commerce Development
Social Media Marketing
Website Speed Optimizations
WordPress Customizations
WordPress Security & Maintenance
Custom PHP/CSS Coding
are skills we've gained from over 20 years experience! (Since 1997, in fact).

Nea Ionia Website Designer Best Practices

A Nea Ionia website designer needs to know more than about design to help you use the internet medium to increase your business. Do you want improved search engine rankings? Do you want a website that will actually be visited by potential new clients and customers? With our web design Nea Ionia skills, we can help you with all of your Internet marketing needs.

Your Nea Ionia Website Design Company Needs To Know...

There are many web designers that have just started up recently and using some website building tools, will create a website - but do they know there are Google Standards that are important to meet? Do they understand the recent European and Greek regulations that are being published in regard to "Usability?" How about website speed? Do they understand the technical code behind what is going on? Your Nea Ionia web design deserves the best and the most knowledgable!

The developer of your Nea Ionia website design should know everything about:

  • On-site SEO that is up to the standards that Google asks for
  • Ensuring optimization of every page and ALL SEO elements
  • Ensuring there is no "over-optimization" that could get you penalized by search engines
  • Understanding the correct timing for creating business profiles for local SEO optimization and avoiding other issues
  • Keeping on top of search engine algorithmic changes that can affect decisions
  • Correct website image optimization (don't you HATE websites that take forever to load?)
  • Usability Standards
  • WordPress Security

We've been doing all that and more since 1997 and we can do it for your Nea Ionia web design as well.

Is Your Nea Ionia Website Design "Cool" Or Is It EFFECTIVE?

It does not matter how good or "cool" your website designer makes your site. If it's not found in the search engine results, "cool" and the "ooh" factor don't matter. Remember Flash? Flash is dead.. and never should have been a platform for web development, but because it looked "cool," many amateur web designers sold unsuspecting businesses on this very poor technology. We won't do that. We want to help you succeed like we've helped our many other clients succeed.

We know the type of design and design standards that will ensure your website is effective - not just some cool place someone visits then leaves and forgets about because something new is "cooler." No - your Nea Ionia web design should be effective, well thought out, and inviting to your target market. Not a plaything that is "cool" for a few days or weeks.

Nea Ionia Business Informational Website Design

Many businesses in Nea Ionia need website design to showcase their products and services but don't need a full E-Commerce website design. The Ian Scott Group is available for website design in Nea Ionia for all sizes of projects, from small informational websites to full-blown E-Commerce that involves PCI Compliance and real-time credit card transactions.

Even if you are a small business and your Nea Ionia website design project will be a small one, we'll be there to help you succeed and your website will be built to same high-standards in coding and web development as large websites.

Nea Ionia Business E-Commerce Website Design

We've been building e-commerce websites since 1999, so we know we can also help with your Nea Ionia E-Commerce E-shop website design. Many things have changed since 1999, including PCI Compliance and the range of payment gateways, but we can help you select the most appropriate ones for your needs and budget and be there when you fill out the application to walk you through it.

Our e-commerce/e-shop web design projects are built for Nea Ionia businesses that require robust website design, security, and the need for speed. We can integrate with many 3rd party payment processors including Moneris, Stripe, Bambora, Elavon and more.

One of the big issues with using a service like Shopify for your Nea Ionia E-Commerce website design is that you really don't get much for the basics. If you want to add on real-time shipping costs, your monthly fees will skyrocket, taking a huge chunk of the profits. We can help you integrate with Canada Post, UPS, Purolator, and other shipping companies right within your own custom designed website.

Nea Ionia Website Design Standards

All of our Nea Ionia website design projects meet standards including usability, coding, security, and applying WordPress core and plugin updates. Think about usability yourself for a moment: how often have you visited a website where the font face and colour did not have enough contrast with the background colour and it was difficult to read? There are usability standards for this take into account website visitors with poor eyesight and we ensure that all of our website designs meet those standards.

Additionally, our website designs take into account those who need to use screen readers when they visit a site - and ensure that all graphics are not just optimized for speed and download times, but also make use of the "alt" tag which helps those who must use screen readers to know what the image is.

You probably have high expectations that your next Nea Ionia web design project will meet standards and all visitors to your website will have a "good experience."

When we design websites for the Nea Ionia & Athens area businesses, we don't just think about aesthetics. We think about everything that is required for a website to be effective. Many web developers today will use "site builder tools" alone for their website designs, but we know that there is much more to effective and professional website design and development.

We've been doing this since 1997.

Nea Ionia Website Design & Website Speed

When The Ian Scott Group does your Nea Ionia website design and development, we will walk you through the tricky issues of optimized web site speed. There are a number of factors that go into site speed and WordPress, "out of the box," does not always perform well.

There are many factors that go to website speed; hosting is one factor but even on the fastest of hosting companies, your Nea Ionia business website will not perform well on any website speed tests if images are heavy in file size, or you've used a website builder that is inefficient (think of the ones that claim "Features! Features! - they are usually bloated and will slow your site down).

"The Ian Scott Group" will help you on deciding on the best hosting company (or whether you might need a VPS or other Dedicated Services) in order to optimize your Nea Ionia website design.

We can also help you with your new Nea Ionia website design site speed with considerations of correct DNS set up, caching, and using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for your site's static resources. You do want your site to load quickly, don't you?

Nea Ionia Website Design & SEO Services

After your Nea Ionia website design project has launched, how will visitors find you? Obviously, there is social media (which we can help with), but the most obvious ways visitors find websites is by using Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or some other search engine.

The Ian Scott Group will fully on-site optimize your website for SEO. This does not guarantee that your Nea Ionia website design will immediately rank for important keywords as Search Engine Optimization can be a complicated affair and involves a great deal of "off-site" optimization as well.

However, it is almost a guarantee that your site will NEVER rank if it is not correctly optimized on-site (within all of your website's pages) in the first place.

Responsive Web Design In Nea Ionia - Why It Is Important

In the "old days" of website design projects, designers and developers had more leeway in how they designed their websites. Everyone who visited a website would be viewing the site on a desktop monitor, which meant that during the design process, the website designer could create images, menus, and blocks of text pretty much anywhere, and could give precise parameters to how the webpage would be seen.

Today, with the growing use of mobile devices, this "old style" of website design no longer works. Yet, there are some web designers who still create sites using this "ancient" method. But that will result, if it is the way its been done, in your Nea Ionia website design will not appear in an optimized manner on small mobile devices. In addition, menu items can be difficult to click and moving around the website might even be impossible on a mobile device.

For this reason, The Ian Scott Group will always create your Nea Ionia website design as a responsive design that works in ALL devices from the smallest mobile smart-phone to tablets, and to big wide home desktop screens. Why lose out on potential new business and clients because your Nea Ioniaweb design was not created properly in the first place?

Why Trust The Ian Scott Group For Your Nea Ionia Website Design & Development?

We know that you want your Nea Ionia website design to be of the highest quality, with fast loading pages along with aesthetically pleasing qualities and we've been doing that since 1997 - and for clients all over the world. We still have our first clients because we value long-term business relationships and are so happy to see our clients succeed! If they don't succeed, we won't either. We care about our clients and their needs and go further than just website design, but can also provide training, on-going website maintenance and security services, and help you to stay up and running. We've got your back and we want your Testimonial as well! We work hard to earn our testimonials. Yes, click that link and go read them!

The Ian Scott Group Is Your Nea Ionia Website Design Company!

If you want to improve your business website traffic, give us a call for our "No Guff, No Bluff, Straight Up" approach that has worked for others.

NEED HELP? CALL OR EMAIL US TODAY! 210 27 97 842 - [email protected]

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