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Web Design/Development From Orangeville

orangevilleWe’ve made Orangeville our home since 2001 and previous to that, for a time in Dufferin County near Grand Valley. While the Town of Orangeville may have political issues at times (yes, the taxes are high), we absolutely love the area! It’s a perfect place to be able to focus, be creative, and take a break by hiking or biking on the many trails in the area, fly fishing a quiet stream or river, or even just saying hello to friendly neighbours on Broadway, the main street downtown.

We’ve been in business since 1997, but have been building websites and providing online marketing services from our office in Orangeville since early 2001. It’s been exciting to partner with and serve clients throughout North America and the United Kingdom from this small town, about an hour (when the traffic is good) from Toronto. And with its location up on the Niagara Escarpment, and surrounded by farms, forests, hills, and streams (being in the area known as The Headwaters), it’s nothing like Toronto.

We like it like that, and get a lot of work done.

And while we serve a variety of clients outside of Town, we’ve also have some great clients right here too! Businesses that ship to the rest of the world as well as local service firms and artisans. It’s a great place to both live and work, and if you’re not from here, you’ll enjoy visiting; perhaps for the famous Blues & Jazz Fest in June, Founders Day in July, or many of the other smaller shows and attractions the town has to offer.

If you’re local or just visiting, give us a call and we’d enjoy meeting you to discuss how we can help with your web design projects as well as helping with local SEO, Social Media, and other business services to help you succeed. Our goal is to bring solutions to problems as well as prevent problems before they occur.

Generally, we’re around during the day but best to give us a call beforehand to set up an appointment: (519) 940-3504.

Why We Love Working From Orangeville:

  • Small town feel but with almost everything you need
  • Friendly people
  • Interesting and beautiful architecture in the downtown area
  • Clean air, no smog
  • Orangeville Blues & Jazz Fest every June
  • Awesome Farmer’s Market
  • Surrounded by rural farmland, rivers, and conservation areas
  • Outdoor activities throughout all four seasons

These are just a few of the reasons why we love our work of web development and Internet consulting from Orangeville!

If you own/operate a business here in town, you probably share many of the same reasons that we have for loving it here. Give us a call (519) 940-3504 or email and let’s see how we can help you increase your online exposure to residents in the area.

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And of course, we can provide services to you no matter where you are!

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