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Belfast Web Design & Development

Ian Scott With PSNI Officer During Belfast Shopping Trip

Ian Scott With PSNI Officer During Belfast Shopping Trip

Although located in Orangeville, Ontario, we have experience helping businesses in the the United Kingdom. Since 1997, we’ve been building websites, providing SEO/local marketing services and managing servers for both new and established businesses as well as authors in the UK.

Belfast Web Design

How is it that a Canadian firm can help businesses in Belfast with their web design and internet marketing needs? Well – the founder of The Ian Scott Group was originally born in Northern Ireland and although presently lives in Canada, has returned “home” a number of times and has provided help, consulting and other services to Belfast and area businesses. We have been working with a fly fishing guide from Belfast since 2007 and have helped his business gain exposure and new clients.

We don’t only offer Web Design for Belfast area businesses either. Our other services which include:

E-Commerce Deveopment
Social Media Marketing
Reputation Management

can all be carried out from our Orangeville, Ontario office.

In addition to Belfast, we’ve been working very closely with a business located in Eire, in County Mayo and although our communications are all via email, we’ve developed a fantastic working relationship!

We are able to serve a very large area and have been doing it for almost twenty years! We look forward to bringing solutions to your business, no matter where you are located.

Doing some business in Lisburn

Doing some business in Lisburn

Belfast Local SEO/Organic SEO Services

It can be tough for a lot of businesses to compete in Belfast, and that is why we offer businesses an effective program to help them rank for both organic and local search. What is “local search?”

Local search is where search engine uses are looking for a business locally (this usually means they are in buying mode as well), and type in the city name and business category that they are looking for. For example, a person in Guelph may need the services of a dentist so they might type in a Google search terms such as:

Belfast plumbers
Belfast plumbing contractors
plumbers near belfast

Generally, users who type in search queries like this are not going to go past Page 1 of the results. Most won’t even search “below the fold” of a search engine results page. And this is where we can help you by taking a look at what your site is missing to be optimized for local search results, and what needs to be done off-site on a regular basis to help increase your search engine rankings. Of course, we look at many ways to help increase traffic to your website; search engines are not the only way to increase the exposure of your business to potential new clients and customers.

If you’re experiencing some problems with your website and internet marketing in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we might be able to help you. Don’t forget that today, having a responsive website is extremely important for both search engine rankings and for ensuring usability and a “quality” experience for mobile device users. Let’s find out if we can help your Belfast based business – send us an email today!