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Richmond Hill Web Design & Development

town of richmond hillDoes your Richmond Hill business need a new website design makeover? Or perhaps your business is brand new and you’re looking to start from scratch? Although located in Orangeville, Ontario (about an hour’s drive from Richmond Hill), we have a great deal of experience helping businesses throughout Toronto and the GTA, including Richmond Hill. Since 1997, we’ve been building websites, providing SEO/local marketing services and managing servers for both new and established businesses in the GTA.

Presently, we have clients throughout Toronto and York Region, and frequently, we can save them time by simply using the telephone, email or skype… we usually don’t need to meet regularly. This saves us time as well and we can complete your projects in a timely and efficient manner.

We don’t only offer Web Design for Richmond Hill area businesses either. Our other services which include:

E-Commerce Deveopment
Social Media Marketing
Reputation Management

can all be carried out from our Orangeville office. Of course, if you want to meet at your office, we can make arrangements for that as well.

Naturally, if you’d like to come up from your area for a nice drive and maybe take in one of the awesome festivals or events going on in our town, we’ll meet you here as well!

We are able to serve a very large area and have been doing it for almost twenty years! We look forward to bringing solutions to your business, no matter where you are located.

Richmond Hill Is A Special Place To Us!

We have a special place in our heart for Richmond Hill as our founder, Ian Scott, grew up in that town after immigrating from Northern Ireland as a child. The Town certainly has changed considerably, but in many ways, it is still “home.” A long time resident of the Beverley Acres area, Ian attended the public school named after that part of town, as well as Crosby Heights, a year at Richmond Hill High, and then finishing high school at Bayview Secondary. In fact, Ian took a part in making the high school reunion of former Bayview students in 2002 happen.

We know how much the town has grown; you need to have a solid internet presence to compete and a quality website aimed at increasing traffic which means good local search rankings. We can help beginning with a good solid SEO optimized website design and then look at other areas including social media, internet marketing, offsite SEO, and help manage it all for you.

Richmond Hill Website Designer Best Practices

A Richmond Hill website designer needs to know more than about design to help you use the internet medium to increase your business. Do you want improved search engine rankings? Do you want a website that will actually be visited by potential new clients and customers? We know what it was like, back in 1997, when we put together our first website – and figured it would just “be found.” And it was disappointing to realize that simply putting up a nice looking website (for 1997 standards) wasn’t enough.

Your website developer for your business needs to know and understand how to implement:

  • On-site SEO that is up to the standards that Google asks for
  • Ensuring optimization of every page and ALL SEO elements
  • Ensuring there is no “over-optimization” that could get you penalized by search engines
  • Understanding the correct timing for creating business profiles for local SEO optimization and avoiding other issues
  • Keeping on top of search engine algorithmic changes that can affect decisions

It does not matter how good or “cool” your website designer makes your site. If it’s not found in the search engine results, “cool” and the “ooh” factor don’t matter. Remember Flash? Flash is dead.. and never should have been a platform for web development, but because it looked “cool,” many amateur web designers sold unsuspecting businesses on this very poor technology. We won’t do that. We want to help you succeed like we’ve helped our many other clients succeed. Please look at our Testimonials page.

If you want to improve your business website traffic, give us a call for our “No Guff, No Bluff, Straight Up” approach that has worked for others.