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Busy New Year! Site & Business Launches

It’s been an incredibly busy here so far, at The Ian Scott Group! We’re so thankful to our existing clients and the trust that new clients have put in us. In addition to new website launches, there has also been a lot of international travel – to Athens, Greece, and the new launch of our new business in relation to that travel.

But first, we’ll focus on our new website launches:

AMP-TRAK Controls

I’ve known the owner of AMP-TRAK for many years; in fact, there is a long-time family connection. But for whatever reason, we had not been in touch with each for some time, so it was a wonderful surprise to hear from him late in 2017, about the possibility of creating a new website for his business.

Not only has Ernie been a great friend over the years, but I also know him as a wonderful caring businessman, who has, with integrity and dedication to his customers, built up a business focused on helping people with their standby-power needs. Ernie is a Cummins Generator Rep and his niche is in turn-key installations of standby power generators for home and small commercial business. It has been a pleasure to work with Ernie on the project of his new website, corporate logo, and business card design!

Go visit his site here and be sure to give him a call, whether you’re a homeowner, small commercial business, property owner, or medical practice:

R.B. Meiser Fly Rods

We have some of the best clients and who produce the best products in their niche. Bob Meiser is no exception, and our more than a decade relationship with R.B. Meier Fly Rods is something we’re proud of. It’s great when clients also become friends, and over the years, Bob and I have shared many jokes, discussions about good whiskey (especially Bushmills), and of course, business.  Of course, we’ve also had many discussions about fly fishing – and if you’re a fly angler into spey or two-handed fly fishing, you’ll definitely want to have a look at the offerings of R.B. Meiser Fly Rds. This year, Bob decided his website needed a big overhaul as well as going to a responsive design, and last month it all went live. Have a look here:


KirIan is the result of some of my travels to Greece, and a partnership that has formed with a very dear friend of mine who is a resident of Athens, Greece. On my first trip there, back in the autumn of 2017, I noticed how amazing the oregano was! Pure 100% Greek oregano cannot be beat. I ended up bring back a large amount in my suitcase – and sent friends, family and associates samples to get their opinion of it. Every person told me how amazing it was, so full of flavour and an aroma that was amazing. As a result, my partner and I looked into a business opportunity of importing Greek oregano; we drove around Greece sampling what we could from different producers and now, we have our new small venture! In the future, other products from Greece may also be considered – but if you’d like to try it for yourself – just click over here:

By the way, we’ve got a few more websites in the works that should be completed soon – more when that is done!

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