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Web Development/Design

JSHOP No Longer Supported

As of this month, July 2019, The Ian Scott Group will no longer be supporting JSHOP – an e-commerce platform that has existed since about 2002. In its day, when it was first released and then subsequent upgrades, JSHOP was a powerful and flexible platform for website owners wishing to sell products and services online.…

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Orangeville Web Design & Site Speed Considerations

rural orangeville area snow covered road

After writing our article on site speed a couple of weeks ago, we have had some interesting questions from Orangeville and area businesses about site speed issues relevant to the town. Orangeville has some unique issues due to its location – a town of about 30,000 people surrounded by a wide swath of rural area…

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Jack Of All Trades – Who To Call Before Listing Your House

If you’ve ever sold a home before, you’ll know how stressful it can be to try to keep on top of everything! There is always so much to do, and your Real Estate agent may be pushing you to fix up, brighten up, and clean up before he or she brings through potential buyers. It…

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Should You Buy A WordPress Theme?

Recently, with lots of marketing being done by theme creators and sellers, there’s been some questions about the idea of purchasing a WordPress theme to either create a new website or revamp an existing one. The idea of being able to purchase a “theme” and have a brand new website with just a few clicks…

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New Site Launch – Miedema’s

Last week, we were happy and proud to launch the new website of Miedema’s Auto Sales, a great used car dealer here in Orangeville, ON. We’ve had an association with this auto dealer since 2009, and it’s been a pleasure to work with them. Recently, the management of Miedema’s approached us about building their business…

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Dangers Of WordPress Auto Updates

WordPress is a wonderful platform to develop websites on and has many benefits, both from a developmental point of view and as a content management system. It’s one of our favourite platforms to work with although it needs tweaking “straight out of the box.” One of the things that makes WordPress great is the ability…

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Flash Is Dead – Time To Upgrade Your Website & Get Mobile

Using Flash In Your Website? It’s About To Become Extinct! Flash web design is pretty much dead. I know there are many web designers out there who spent a lot of money to learn how to program in Adobe’s “Flash,” and I feel sorry for them. I’ll admit that when I first saw a website…

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