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If you’ve ever sold a home before, you’ll know how stressful it can be to try to keep on top of everything! There is always so much to do, and your Real Estate agent may be pushing you to fix up, brighten up, and clean up before he or she brings through potential buyers.

It can be complicated to figure out what you should focus on while also attending to all the other normal day to day things – your job, your kids, outside activities, making sure the dishes are done… and now you need to call someone to fix up the deck a bit, another person to make sure some wiring is up to code, and someone else to try to remove some old stains.

How to get it all done?

Well, if you’re in the Orangeville area, you can call Fix ‘N List! Not just in Orangeville, but the surrounding area including Shelburne, Alliston and other areas – Fix ‘N List can help you keep on top of all the jobs that should be done before or just after you list your home. Recommended by real estate agents, Fix ‘N List knows how to get all the jobs done, the schedule that needs to be adhered to, and does all the “dirty work” for you including ensuring contractors and others that come into your home are reputable and trustworthy.

It can be quite a surprise to discover just how large a return on investment you can get by getting some things done on your house before you sell. Fix ‘N List knows exactly what needs to be done – so give them a shout!

And yes, we’re proud to announce that we have launched their new website – and it has been a big pleasure to work with this business!

Go visit them here.

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