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WordPress Plugin – WPCentral Major Vulnerability

We’ve just heard news of a major security vulnerability in a popular WordPress Plugin called wpCentral. This plugin allows owners of multiple WordPress plugins to manage all of their websites through a single control panel. This is partly what makes this plugin vulnerability such a serious and potentially dangerous security issue. The vulnerability that was…

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New Responsive E-Commerce Website

One of the things we are really proud of here at The Ian Scott Group is that over the years, our client retention rate is extremely high – perhaps one of the highest in the web development business. When we started back in 1997, many of our associates through other businesses at the time became…

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WordPress & Minimum PHP Version

For some website owners, they will have a surprise waiting for them if they try to update their version of WordPress to the scheduled new release of V. 5.2. WordPress has announced that version 5.2 will be released and along with that, the minimum version of PHP required will 5.6.20. If you are using anything…

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WooCommerce Payment Link When Not Logged In

All E-commerce platforms can be complicated and often, with security and other updates, functionality can unexpectedly change. Of course, store owners just want things to work as expected and often are not aware of reasons why something might change. Some of the reasons that functionality of an e-commerce platform can change include: Security issues that…

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Should You Buy A WordPress Theme?

Recently, with lots of marketing being done by theme creators and sellers, there’s been some questions about the idea of purchasing a WordPress theme to either create a new website or revamp an existing one. The idea of being able to purchase a “theme” and have a brand new website with just a few clicks…

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WordPress Security Update

A couple of days ago, WordPress released a security and bug fix update. The announcement stated that all versions of WordPress up to and including Version 4.4 are affected by a cross-site scripting vulnerability. Such a vulnerability could allow an attacker to get access to your WordPress installation and then of course, do other nasty…

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