One of the things we are really proud of here at The Ian Scott Group is that over the years, our client retention rate is extremely high – perhaps one of the highest in the web development business. When we started back in 1997, many of our associates through other businesses at the time became our clients, and the vast majority of them have stuck with us ever since, even while our business grew.

In 1999, Ian attended a seminar in Nashville, TN and gave a talk on “The Internet Opportunity” to the business owners that were in attendance. One of those business owners was Tom Kirkman, publisher of what was at the time, a fledgling glossy periodical called RodMaker Magazine. The quality of the content and the printed material would soon propel RodMaker to become the premier periodical publication in the custom fishing rod building niche. We like to think that we also helped with their promotion and marketing along the way, in creating what has continued to be the busiest internet forum on the subject, as well as helping RodMaker with their e-commerce needs.

When we met in 1999, Mr. Kirkman was eager to find ways to use what was then, a brand new medium for marketing, the “World Wide Web” for the promotion of his magazine. Although based in High Point, North Carolina, Kirkman put his trust in us, even though our offices were in Orangeville, ON.

Since then, we’ve been pleased to have formed a deep business relationship with Tom Kirkman and have appreciated his business as well as the many referrals he has sent.

Back in about 2000, we built an e-commerce site for the RodMaker Magazine publication website which was a CGI PERL based shopping cart. A few years later, we “upgraded” to a newer platform that was built on LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP. At the time, it was one of the top e-commerce platforms available and helped Mr. Kirkman take his publication to further levels and introduce new product offerings in addition to his magazine subscriptions.

However, as technology has continued to change and improve, the older platform did not keep up with regard to responsive design and some new PCI Compliance issues and a new web development project was in order.

Yesterday, July 9th, 2019, the new website was launched, and once again, we’re proud to be part of the ongoing growth and evolution of RodMaker Magazine!

View the new RodMaker Magazine website here.

Also, our Case Study here.

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