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During the COVID-19 Pandemic, The Ian Scott Group will continue to operate fully and has had discussions with staff and suppliers to ensure business continuity – not just for our own business, but for the businesses we provide services to.

We understand that your health and the health of your loved ones is your #1 priority at this time. In addition, we also understand that your business continuity is also a high priority as much as possible. To that end, we are dedicated to continuing to provide services to our existing and new clients, in both North America and Europe.

The Ian Scott Group is especially well-positioned during this pandemic to continue to provide services as we have since 1997. Risk assessment of our services and how it may impact our clients has been an on-going concern since our business began. We have constantly monitored network infrastructure and have changed, modified, and improved how we deliver services in order to ensure business continuity for our clients in the area of internet web presence.

Social Distancing

We absolutely understand the idea and philosophy at this time during the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak of “social distancing” and we do not expect clients to meet with us face to face. In fact, The Ian Scott Group has been able to service many different businesses involved in different niches for over two decades without the need for face to face meetings. Many of our clients, including those involved in services and/or products in the health, financial, bricks and mortar retail, e-commerce, information, and other business sectors, have relied on our services without ever meeting in person.

While we absolutely love to meet with clients when we can, it is not necessary for us to perform and carry out the high-quality services that are important to our clients. Email and telephone conversations can always be arranged in order to serve you.

Network Continuity

For our many clients that rely on Internet network services including website hosting and server management, we have been reassured by our own suppliers that they have taken into account what needs to be done to ensure business continuity on their part. This gives us confidence that we can pass on to our clients that business continuity can be sustained without interruption.

As well, our own team is prepared to continue to work even if self-isolation is required by any member. This of course assumes health is not compromised, but which is a risk at any time when sickness might delay some projects. All of our team however, is able to work from their own homes and have full internet connectivity.

Issues Beyond Our Control

If there are issues beyond our control such as a major internet disruption or other major events, this would most likely affect many people, and at that time, the priority of business continuity with regard to our services. Even still, we would be working on solutions and investigating all possible options in order to support our clients.

At this time, we see no reason to fear any extreme events or issues that would have such an impact.

Ease Of Doing Business

As noted above, we are supportive of all measures being taken to conquer the COVID-19 pandemic, including social-distancing. We have always made it easy for others to do business with us without the requirement of meetings in person, and are able to handle and prioritize tasks that need to be done for our clients with telephone, email, and other forms of communication. We know that some clients have their own preferences for sending messages including Viber and WhatsApp, and will continue to use these forms of communication.

Please also note that our business involves activities that often require periods of focus time and we are not always available to respond immediately but we aim to respond to inquiries and requests within a reasonable time frame that allows us to focus on work, and giving our clients assurances of our availability.

While we are available through a variety of communication channels, we do suggest email ([email protected]) as the communication channel that is preferred.

Accounting For Pandemic Related Possible Delays

At this time, the COVID-19 pandemic has created some special and extraordinary circumstances for some of our clients, especially those involved in the health sector as well as some clients in the bricks-and-mortar business sectors. We are working with them in strategies on best practices, communications to their own customers and clients, and their own business continuity issues. While we work through some of these exigencies that have been created by the pandemic, we’d ask for your patience as we try to help those clients who are immediately working on ensuring their own business continuity and a safe healthy environment for their staff and clients.

Our Thanks And Appreciation!

Our deepest thank you and appreciation to our clients who have involved us in their decision making at this time, and to our team who are prepared to work harder and longer to assist clients in their business continuity plans. We consider it an honour and privilege to serve you!

Looking Forward

This is an extraordinary time for the world, and for our clients. While the world has seen pandemics in the past, this is the first major pandemic that has occurred during the internet age when so many of us rely on connectivity. SARS did take place in 2003, but even at that time, concerns about SARS were not enough to halt and suspend world travel and shutdown such a wide swath of services.

We’re confident that this pandemic will end, just like others have ended, and that most of our clients will actually end up stronger and well-positioned to increase growth when the crisis ends. Common-sense should prevail over panic with the view of looking forward to what can be done now in order to have a strong business presence as this crisis resolves.

We care about all of our clients including their own staff, teams, and customers, and sincerely want to extend our thankfulness to them all as well as our support in ensuring everything that we can do, gets done to help ensure their strength at this time and beyond.

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