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The past week has been literally, almost unprecedented for our own business. The closest that it can be compared to is when we first started the business, and for weeks and even months at a time, every waking moment was focussed on building our business and looking for clients that could be helped in the dawn of the internet age.

Today, we’re spending much time with our existing and some new clients, helping them to position themselves for whatever is to financially occur in the days, weeks, and even months to come. Most of us are simply guessing at what damage has been done to our economies as a result of COVID-19, our own Canadian government dithering on rail blockades, and other lack of leadership.

It is a sobering and serious time. We’re very privileged to have clients that, while they understand the reality of this situation (caused by COVID-19 and previous mismanagement of our economy by our government), and the challenges that are going to have to be faced, they are also looking towards opportunities and how they can help people in their community.

That’s the great thing about entrepreneurs. It will not be the government that leads us out of the economic mess that is going to follow. It will be entrepreneurs, looking for and finding solutions to help consumers get the products they both need and want. Entrepreneurs that will rise to challenges and not give up. Small business people that can be flexible in their responses and actions.

Close Contact With Our Clients

We are in constant and close contact with many of our clients who are looking at different options and ways of moving forward in these uncertain times. Most of us understand flexibility is going to be key, and providing people with things they need and want to get through home isolation periods, possible lock-downs, social-distancing requirements, and implementing solutions, will likely be the best ways to ensure business continuity.

Right now, people have a lot of time on their hands and are worried and concerned about their future, both in health and economic terms. Ensuring and finding ways to let people know we are still available, somehow, and finding the ways to meet those needs, is what entrepreneurs do better than public servants, governments, and what always creates real value.

The last week, we’ve spent a lot of time with many of our clients with this outlook in mind, and we are so impressed with the creative thinking, the determination, and the care that comes from them – indeed, much care to help their communities. Yes, there are business decisions, but there is also a strong desire to look after and meet needs in their communities – whether that community is geographically based or interest-based.

We’re finding creative solutions, together.

How’s Your Relationship With Your Web Developer?

If you have a great relationship with your web developer and you can send an email and try to throw around ideas for your own business continuity, and you get the idea that they are taking a strong interest in helping you, that’s fantastic.

If on the other hand, you’d like a bit more personal touch, with a business that tries to sincerely help you and goes the extra mile, give us a try. We’re not going to promise you we’ll have all the solutions for you to guarantee that you’re going to come out of this situation as business healthy as you were going into it, but we’ll try to look at the positives you have going for you, and we’ll look at the negatives, and together, we can come up with some ideas that will give you confidence and a sense that no matter what, you’ve done the best you can.

“All You Can Do is … ALL You Can Do”

There’s an old saying that is often used as excused, depending on which words in the saying that you emphasize. Often, people might say as an excuse, “All you can do is all you can do” without really thinking about the all you can do part. We prefer to think of it is:

“All you can do is ALL you can do.” IN other words, are you really doing ALL you can do? None of us can do everything, but are we actually doing ALL we can do?

If you’re looking for a web developer you can talk to, and share your challenges, knowing they are going to think, and brainstorm, and help you with solutions, give us a call today. We’ll promise you we’re going to do ALL we can do. And look for ways to do more.

We’re on your side.

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