Sometimes, we get so busy working for other clients, and then, enjoying our hobbies, that we forget we have our own website that needs to be updated! What a horrible example we’re setting when we do that! But it happens – and to be honest, we’re thankful for the clients that we have that keep us busy!

Today though, we realized we needed to update our “Client List” so it is more reflective of our current and active clients, although it is not a comprehensive list. Some of our existing clients have exciting plans in the works with new site designs on the way, so we’ve left those out until we’ve completed those projects.

Yes, there are a few others that are now missing – three to be exact – as over time, sometimes a business just ceases operations for whatever reason, and so we’ve left them off the list even though we were quite proud of the work that we did for them.

In addition, we’ve got a couple of brand new clients that we are very excited about and as work progresses, we’ll also be adding them to the website. There are a couple of new e-commerce projects in the works, along with some “standard” web development projects, but all with a purpose in mind of increasing exposure and new business for the client.

One of the wonderful things about this business is that although we are doing web development from Orangeville, Ontario (and now, also from Athens, Greece!), it’s great to be working for businesses throughout not just the Orangeville area, but North America and Europe as well!

Some Highlights Of Recent New Web Development Clients:

B-Loved: A woman’s apparel and accessory website, based in Athens, Greece. This business provides e-shopping to Greek residents and we’re proud to watch their traffic and sales grow!

SkyScan International: We’ve enjoyed working with this distributor and retailer of SkyScan Lightning Detectors for quite a number of years now, but their website was recently upgraded to be a fully responsive e-commerce website. Hey – if you do a lot of playing or working outdoors and in a climate that sees lightning and thunderstorms, one of their devices just might reduce some risk to you! In Canada, visit this site.

Headwaters Elevator & Lifts: Looking for a residential elevator or lift? Or maybe your small business requires one, or your old one needs service. Dave and his team are dedicated to their craft of installation and service and we have really enjoyed working with this Orangeville based business!

Amp-Trak Controls: Many of us in Ontario know what it is like to be without power due to stormy weather, and if you’re determined to not have to go through an extended power outage, then Ernie Alexander and his business is the one for you! A little disclaimer: Ernie has been a friend of ours for years – but that friendship means that with honesty, we can say that Ernie is a fantastic guy, very conscientious about his work, and like most business owners, dedicated to customer satisfaction. Need backup power? Go visit their site and contact them!

Fix ‘N List: Anyone who has sold a home before knows how stressful that can be – and if your real estate agent has recommended getting some things fixed, cleaned, or painted, it just adds to the stress! Fix ‘N List is now here to help you with all of those jobs you should get done before you list your home!

The Bookkeeper: We know how annoying and time consuming it can be to keep business financial records up to date, especially for CRA tax purposes. Nola has some awesome systems in place that can help you be more efficient in your business bookkeeping and record keeping. She’s a great person too!

Classic Destiny: This custom fishing rod building business has been a client of ours since 1999! Back in the day, the original website looked awesome, but over time, and with new responsive requirements, it needed a major facelift. So we were really pleased when Neal Hall came back to us to have us do that for his business.

Meiser Fly Rods: Almost everyone who does specialty spey casting knows Meiser Fly Rods. They created the concept of the “switch rod” long before anyone else ever used the term or tried to duplicate the designs of R.B. Meiser. World-renowned, we’re proud of our very long association having created their very first website back in about 2003. We also helped them considerably with search engine optimization (SEO) and it’s been wonderful to watch this amazing business grow. This was our third web design for Meiser – this last one, bringing the company into the “age of responsive design.”

Mary’s Wellness: Another client that we’re proud to have a long association with, Mary’s Wellness was tempted by some “cheap” web development for a new look they were considering. But when things went downhill, they came back to us to fix up major mistakes, horrible messes that were created, and to “upgrade the upgrade” just in time for their “The Lion’s Den” appearance on national Canadian TV. Mary’s is in the “cannabis-infused edibles” space – and are presently awaiting the new regulations that will “regulate” their marketplace – but go visit and sign up to their list if you’re interested in learning when their infused teas and beverages might be available again.

KirIan Goods: We’d be remiss to not mention our own new business importing gourmet quality herbs and spices from Greece. Another e-commerce website, we’ve been sending product to all parts of Canada, the USA and even to the United Kingdom! Our Greek oregano has been a big hit with everyone who has tried it – it’s nothing like what you might buy in the supermarkets. Much much more flavour and aroma! Oh… and be sure to try the Greek Mountain Tea!

That’s a brief summary of what we’ve been up to here, and how we’ve been keeping busy! As mentioned, there are a number of other projects in the works, as well as other great news we’ll write about soon!

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