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When Nola Hrbotecky came to us asking for help with her business website, we were more than happy to have a look at what she had tried to do on her own and made some suggestions on how it could be improved.

We all know how frustrating our own bookkeeping can be, and or a bookkeeper, web development is not their forte – we all have our own skills and talents that we take to, and so we were happy to take over the web development on behalf of The BookKeeper and launch a brand new site that has been designed with the idea of regular updates, attracting new clients, and keeping existing ones informed of new technology and best practices in the business accounting field.

But not only were we happy to develop the website for The Bookkeeper, we also were pretty impressed with the business as well! Nola has a great deal of expertise on modern, technological processes that will help any business keep up to date on their financial records and not get behind with the very important Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA)! She makes sure that she keeps herself and her team highly knowledgeable with ongoing education in her field of expertise, and serves clients throughout the Orangeville area as well as the rest of Canada.

We were very happy to launch her new website for her just before Christmas and if you are looking for bookkeeping services, be sure to keep The BookKeeper in mind!

Happy New Year to you all!

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