canada day fireworks

Happy Canada Day!

From all of us at The Ian Scott Group, we want to wish our Canadian clients and friends a very Happy Canada Day, 2019! For those of you who still recall when the day was officially named “Dominion Day,” Happy Dominion Day to you if you prefer that.

Canada has been one of the freest and wonderful countries to live, work, and do business in. Sadly, we are seeing today infringements upon our liberties in this country that was founded on true liberal ideas and took pride in liberty afforded citizens and residents. The more one travels throughout the world and realizes the barriers other individuals face in pursuing their dreams and goals, the more we appreciate the mostly freedom from bureaucracy, bribery, and our traditional values of a government that respects ideals of justice and equality before the law. In the past years, we’ve seen an alarming and disturbing infringement upon those liberal ideas, and as we celebrate Canada Day, we should also pause to reflect on what has made Canada an ideal place for those fleeing a lack of protected liberties, where individuals face barriers to pursue dreams.

On this Canada Day, let us celebrate the birth of this country as a political entity 152 years ago today. Let us also pause a few moments during the celebrations to reflect on the fact that, as our National Anthem goes, we need to stand on guard to keep Canada “glorious and free.”

Happy Canada Day!

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