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Happy Canada Day 2019!

From all of us at The Ian Scott Group, we want to wish our Canadian clients and friends a very Happy Canada Day, 2019! For those of you who still recall when the day was officially named “Dominion Day,” Happy Dominion Day to you if you prefer that. Canada has been one of the freest…

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Merry Christmas From All Of Us

It’s been quite the year here at The Ian Scott Group and we’re thankful to all of our clients for helping make 2018 an awesome year! We want to wish you a fantastic Christmas holiday, how ever you will be celebrating it, and all the best for 2019! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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James Craig Green – RIP Friend

When the internet was hardly known in Canada, and just starting to be popularized in America, there were many newsgroups, email lists and opportunities to share thoughts, ideas and get “connected” with the rest of the world. Back in about 1997, I was introduced to “the internet” and began to explore. It would be the …

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Happy Thanksgiving To Our American Clients

In Canada, the Thanksgiving Holiday falls on the second Monday of October, and this has on the past, been a reason for some confusion between Canadians and Americans. We’ve already had our Holiday to give thanks, and are starting to look forward to Christmas, while in the US, “Black Friday” is the day when Christmas…

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In Memoriam – Ian Colin James

It is with a great deal of sadness that I have learned of the passing of Ian Colin James, a fly fishing great, and a long time friend of mine. Ian, who was only 55 years old, suffered a massive heart attack during the night of June 28th, 2015. Although he had heart problems for…

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Healthy Design, Happy SEO, Beautiful Content

Healthy, Happy, Beautiful! Case Study: Creation of a website aimed at those interested in health and increase traffic with SEO. Business Name: Healthy, Happy Beautiful Area Serviced: World Wide (English Speaking) Products & Services: Health information and content. When someone mentioned the idea of having us help to create a website that was entirely about…

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Local Search Problems – A Quick Analysis of Two Businesses

Today, I came across two different and interesting scenarios in regard to local business and what they were doing with regard to ranking in local searches for their particular businesses. Both are quite different and provide completely separate types of services. One business, a home services provider, is trying to get ranked for a variety…

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Domain Notification Scam

Some of our clients recently have been receiving emails from an email address which usually ends with where xxxx is a four digit number. Sometimes, the four digit number right before the .com is 5501 and today we noticed one of these emails where the domain name ended with the number The emails…

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PairoWoodies – What Happened?

After 15 years, the principals of PairoWoodies have decided its time to move on in their own directions. I am proud of what I accomplished with that business, starting back in about 1997 when the “Internet” was new and the majority of people were only starting to hear about it. Most people in North America…

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