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James Craig Green – RIP Friend

When the internet was hardly known in Canada, and just starting to be popularized in America, there were many newsgroups, email lists and opportunities to share thoughts, ideas and get “connected” with the rest of the world. Back in about 1997, I was introduced to “the internet” and began to explore. It would be the  year we founded our business, as well as a year of “meeting”new people, learning about new ideas that we’d never been exposed to before, or discovering others that shared similar philosophies.

It was about 1997 or 1998 through a philosophical discussion list that I made the acquaintance of James Craig Green. Craig, as he preferred to be called, made a huge impression on me, and we shared many personal and private emails about the ideas of personal freedom and liberty. Eventually, as our discussions grew, we formed a bond of friendship and even shared personal information with each other as friends might do. All of this, even though we had never met in person, but because of the amazing power of the internet, a strong friendship was forged.

Not only a friend, but Craig also became a client of mine. He needed a place to host his website which was a mix of business and personal, including his ideas on life, philosophy, and how to live joyfully and fully despite the control that others seek to have over us. I provided him with hosting space in a business/client relationship, and we also deepened our friendship.

Over the years, we continued to participate in philosophical discussions but we also shared many personal stories. At times, Craig was a mentor to me; other times, just a very good listener. Which during those times, was what I needed. Craig always seemed to know when to give advice, or to just say, “If you need to talk further, I’m here for you.”

Under the pen name “Paine’s Torch,” Craig wrote essays, articles and at least one book on freedom and individual liberty. He wrote a book entitled “A Personal Declaration of Freedom” which was self-published, and after sending me a copy of it, I was so impressed I purchased from him, his remaining stock so that I could distribute the book to Canadian friends and associates.

I hate to lose clients and friends under any circumstances. But it is especially sad when the circumstance is their death. Craig has been both a long time client and a long time friend, and to discover his passing has been very sad, indeed.

I have no control over Craig’s domain name, but I still have all of the content of his website. While the website is old and is not up to any modern standards, the content is valuable. I will continue to host it as long as I can and for as long as the domain name does not expire and is possibly purchased by someone else.

I think you will enjoy J. Craig Green’s philosophy:

May your ideas, joy for life, questions, and the motto, “Student of all, disciple of none,” live on, Craig. And for those who were close to him, I hope you know his influence was far and wide, much more than perhaps you even knew.

Thank you for your trust both as a client and as a friend. And yes, your passing reminds me just how fast 20 years can go.


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