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Kristen Dobson Reflects On Her Dad

We have some great clients and many have their own great stories to tell. One long time client that we enjoy working with is Kristen Dobson, owner of BodyWorks Massage Therapy in Orangeville, Ontario. It seems that not only is Kristen an amazing massage therapy practitioner, but a great writer as well.

Approaching Father’s Day of 2017, Kristen submitted an article discussing her reflections growing up, and now today as an adult, on the life of her dad to The Elephant Journal.

It’s great to see that Kristen’s writing was accepted by the well known online journal, and we’d like to point you to it on this occasion of “Father’s Day” in North America. The local business woman discusses the various stages of her life and how she viewed her father at various times, while he was off traveling as a “carnival man” trying to earn a living for his family.

In addition, Kristen outlines three things she’s learned about her dad and the reality of fatherhood, and perhaps even what she has learned about herself. Many of us struggle with various family relationships, and often if we choose to, we can use them as learning experiences for ourselves.

Read Kristen’s story here – and be sure to consider BodyWords Massage Therapy if you are thinking of treatments in the future!

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