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Welcome To Headwaters Elevators!

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The vast majority of businesses that we come across that are looking for a new website or a redesign/upgrade of an old one are owned by dedicated people who really have strong values and a commitment to customer service. That’s just the way most serious business people are! They know that in order to earn a living, they also need to earn your trust, and doing that over the long term takes more than lip service.

Recently, we had the pleasure of being introduced to the owners of Headwaters Elevators And Lift Services Inc., and the owner of this company really epitomizes that quality of wanting to ensure not just customer satisfaction, but going far beyond. It’s been a great pleasure for us to have completed the first phase of work on Headwaters Elevators new website, as we helped them figure out how to present their information as well as necessary documents that customers/clients and contractors need access to with regard to the products and services they provide.

Headwaters Elevators is in a niche that provides both residential (home) elevators and lifts, as well as to commercial properties. They had recently gone through some changes in both their business model and identity (with a new logo). The Ian Scott Group was very pleased and excited to have the opportunity to help the company with their online marketing and web development.

As we got to know each other, it became quite obvious that Dave Ashley, the principle of Headwaters Elevator is so dedicated to customer service – it’s a driving force behind him. In fact, talking with Dave – that driving force that he exudes in regard to customer service and going beyond just satisfaction is quite contagious!

While the headquarters of the business is in the vicinity of Orangeville, Ontario, their service market includes both Eastern and Northern Ontario, including the GTA – Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga and surrounding areas. As we got to know more about residential home elevators and lifts, we understood more about what drives Dave and his passion not only for his business, but being able to help people make better use of their living spaces, whether for convenience, due to disability, or to preparing for retirement and an older age. In addition, the business also can provide commercially rated elevators for business and other properties, including churches and non-residential installations.

If you’re in the market or even doing some research on the idea of fitting your premises with an elevator or lift (wheelchair and/or stair lifts), we’re pleased to highly recommend our new client: Visit their website, “Headwaters Elevators And Lift Services Inc.

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