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Industry News

Should You Use Dedicated Hosting Resources?

Over the years, shared hosting plans have become so inexpensive that it’s almost ridiculous for any business not to have a web presence with some kind of website. When we first started our business which included website hosting back in 1998, hosting costs for a website could be $1,000.00 per year or more! And you…

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Google Chrome & SSL Security

About a year ago, we told you about we told you about Google’s addition to their Web Master Guidelines, recommending that all websites move to the SSL (https) protocol for the sake of security and privacy of internet users.  One of the questions back then was whether this would affect search engine rankings negatively or…

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Dangers Of WordPress Auto Updates

WordPress is a wonderful platform to develop websites on and has many benefits, both from a developmental point of view and as a content management system. It’s one of our favourite platforms to work with although it needs tweaking “straight out of the box.” One of the things that makes WordPress great is the ability…

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Why You Need Social Media & Local Marketing

While the principles of business have not changed, our ways of doing business including getting and retaining new customers certainly have changed over the years. While there are some businesses that have been able to survive and prosper without having much of an online presence, it is likely that in the coming few years, this…

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Responsive osCommerce & Canada Post Rates (Dimensional Support)

There are a number of online e-commerce shopping carts available, and it seems the number grows frequently. osCommerce is one of the earlier carts and is based on PHP and mySQL (as many are).  There are literally thousands of installations of osCommerce around the world today and it’s often a favourite because it is open…

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Bing To Roll Out Mobile Friendly Algorithm

We told you back on March 23, 2015 that Google was planning a major update to their search algorithm to favour mobile friendly websites. The new algorithm rolled out on April 21st and since then, many websites that did not implement mobile friendly design elements found themselves having lost a lot of ground in Google’s…

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Are You Mobile Ready?

We’ve been advising our clients for some time now, that they need to think about having their websites “mobile enabled.” And now it’s official: Google has announced that websites that are not mobile friendly by April 21st, 2015, will likely see their rankings in the search results affected. How significant will the search result changes…

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