As we’ve pointed out before, we’re really happy and proud to serve the clients that we do. All of them have such interesting stories, some have life lessons that they can teach us about, and all of them are an inspiration. All of our clients have that true entrepreneurial spirit which includes having a dream and then turning that dream into a goal and finding ways to achieve the goal.

One of our clients, Nola Hrboticky who is the owner-operator of an Orangeville & Alliston area bookkeeping business, The Bookkeeper, is one such client who has set high goals for her business that include providing the best bookkeeping services to local as well as Canada wide businesses. She does this through constant continuing education and keeping abreast of new technologies with the view of helping her clients in the financial management and tax planning areas of their own businesses.

Nola believes in using technology to improve accounting and bookkeeping systems not only for the business owner advantage in managing their financials, but to also make things efficient and in meeting the government regulated requirements of income and expense reporting for tax purposes. Many businesses will have to go through an audit by the Canadian Revenue Agency at some point, and Nola’s methods and systems will make this experience a much less stressful time than if your business has not incorporated them.

We’d like to congratulate Nola and her team for their commitment to constant on-going education in their field of specialty and wish them all the best when they attend the IPBC (Institute of Professional Bookkeepers) 2019 Conference to be held in the “Nation’s Capital” area, this September.

One of the things we’re so very happy about it with our clients is that with every single of one of them, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with them, admire their professionalism and knowledge in the business fields they have chosen, and can highly recommend them to others. With that in mind, if you are looking for a new bookkeeper for your business, we’d suggest you keep Nola in mind and contact her to discuss how she can help you!


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