Expanding Our Service Areas

We're Growing!

We’re Growing!

Our staff have been providing web development and marketing services to a wide geographic area since 1997. Over the years, we’ve earned the trust of clients throughout North America and the United Kingdom, although we’ve never focused on gaining new customers outside of our own geographical area. It’s just that word of mouth has been an important part of our growth overall, and that word of mouth has extended far and wide.

We’re appreciative of the fact that our clients have frequently told others about our services, even those who do business thousands of miles away from our office! This has made us think and consider more about our own marketing efforts and we’re now prepared to seriously help new clients and let them know about our services in a more full and complete way – with a strong focus on a variety of geographical centres and cities.

We’re growing and we can do more and go further! We must give credit and thanks to our clients who have not hesitated to recommend us to other associates. “Home” is always a good place to start when looking at areas to expand into, and with that in mind..

Belfast Web Design Services

Northern Ireland is where Ian Scott was born and he has always maintained strong ties to the area including its capital, Belfast. The ability to do more business with friends and associates back “home” has always been a strong desire, and to that end, we’ve been researching and studying how we can deliver our services to businesses in Belfast – not just web development but our full range including organic and local SEO, internet marketing, reputation management, and consulting. While there are already some great firms in Belfast, we’ve identified some areas where our strengths will be very helpful to both start-ups and existing businesses in Belfast and throughout both Northern Ireland and the Republic. Recently, we’ve also been working with a business in County Mayo and although there’s a five hour time difference, we’ve managed to establish and grow a strong working relationship together.

We’ll add more information shortly, but for now, a summary of what we can provide to Belfast and Ireland businesses: Belfast Web Design/Development Services.

Other Service Areas

Because of our many business associations throughout Canada and the US, we’re also planning on expanding our footprint into other larger and small municipalities throughout the continent. We have a serious opportunity available to us to open a sub-office in British Columbia which will allow us to better serve the Vancouver area as well. Of course, our commitment to our clients and friends here in Southern Ontario will not diminish one bit! We have a very strong attachment to Orangeville and surrounding area and that will certainly continue!


Guelph Website Design/Development
Richmond Hill Website Design/Development

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