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Shout Out To Our Client – Kurtz Millworks

One of the tremendous things about our business is that we have such great clients who operate their own businesses. And in a B2B world, it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to turn to one of your clients when you need services that they can provide.

Recently, we needed some repairs to our front door as well as some creative ideas for weatherproofing a particularly bad area in the old but “full of character” house we work from. The repairs we needed were a bit beyond our own “house repair” skillset, so we called upon Larry Kurtz of Kurtz Millworks for advice. Larry’s business specializes in Victorian Architectural woodworking and certainly is also an “old home expert.”

But did Larry’s expertise cover what we needed and wanted?

A quick phone call and Larry popped over, looked, took some notes and measurements, and a week later, had fully made the repairs as well as came up with our much needed weatherproofing requirements.

Now we can sit in our living room in the coldest and windiest days of winter and not feel the draft – anyone who has worked in or lived in old houses will probably know what we mean.

So a big thanks to Kurtz Millworks and owner Larry for the great work and awesome service!

As an aside, many people will have heard of, and perhaps even attended the Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival which takes place every year during the first weekend of June. Well, not only is Larry an “old home expert,” but he’s also a very talented musician and the Founder of the Festival! We can remember the very first year that the Festival took place, and although we were not acquainted with Larry at that time, we certainly supported what he was trying to achieve and are so happy that now, Larry’s dream has turned into an annual award-winning event to which thousands from out of town travel to Orangeville to take in the great musical events that happen on the various stages around town.

Thank you, Larry, for all that you do!

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