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“SEO Is Dead,” Some Claim

Recently, I noticed a “tweet” on Twitter from a marketing “guru,” who announced that search engine optimization was “dead.” The so called guru linked to an article wherein he wrote that backlinking was no longer a viable activity and as a result, agencies that provided search engine optimization were about to close their doors and…

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Note To Our Friends And Clients

On Monday, September 3rd, the 58 year old brother of Wendy Woudstra was discovered to have passed away. We are not sure if he passed away on the 2nd or sometime on the 3rd. This event has been devastating to my business partner, Wendy who learned about her brother’s passing early in the afternoon of…

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Looking For A New Domain Name? A Quick SEO Tip

Sometimes, business owners (and others) want a new domain name in addition to the present one they are using. There could be many reasons for this – to promote a new product or service, or they have found a domain name that is available that compliments their existing website or domain. When purchasing a new…

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Reputation Management The Wrong Way Could Cost You

Although extrememly unethical, many businesses and organizations are tempted to post fake positive reviews about their products and services in order to boost business and make themselves look better than their competitors. I’ve even seen how some SEO firms and so called on-line reputation management consultants will offer to obtain fake positive reviews for a…

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Flash Is Dead – Time To Upgrade Your Website & Get Mobile

Using Flash In Your Website? It’s About To Become Extinct! Flash web design is pretty much dead. I know there are many web designers out there who spent a lot of money to learn how to program in Adobe’s “Flash,” and I feel sorry for them. I’ll admit that when I first saw a website…

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