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Bad Bots! Why Your Website Should Have Protection Against Them

Bad Bots! But Not The Russian Sort If you’ve paid attention to the media and politics recently, you’ve probably heard about allegations of bots – Russian bots specifically, that apparently exist to influence US (and now the upcoming Canadian) elections. We here have no opinion on these types of bots, that may affect Twitter and…

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How Often Do You Back Up Your Data? Try This If You Don’t

How often do you back up your data from your PC or laptop? If you’re like most people, probably hardly ever. You probably mean to do it, but every day, something else comes up and that full backup just does not happen. Hey – it’s happened long ago, to us as well. Long hours working…

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WooCommerce Payment Link When Not Logged In

All E-commerce platforms can be complicated and often, with security and other updates, functionality can unexpectedly change. Of course, store owners just want things to work as expected and often are not aware of reasons why something might change. Some of the reasons that functionality of an e-commerce platform can change include: Security issues that…

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Current Client List Updated

Sometimes, we get so busy working for other clients, and then, enjoying our hobbies, that we forget we have our own website that needs to be updated! What a horrible example we’re setting when we do that! But it happens – and to be honest, we’re thankful for the clients that we have that keep…

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Bookkeeping Done Right

When Nola Hrbotecky came to us asking for help with her business website, we were more than happy to have a look at what she had tried to do on her own and made some suggestions on how it could be improved. We all know how frustrating our own bookkeeping can be, and or a…

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Merry Christmas From All Of Us

It’s been quite the year here at The Ian Scott Group and we’re thankful to all of our clients for helping make 2018 an awesome year! We want to wish you a fantastic Christmas holiday, how ever you will be celebrating it, and all the best for 2019! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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Jack Of All Trades – Who To Call Before Listing Your House

If you’ve ever sold a home before, you’ll know how stressful it can be to try to keep on top of everything! There is always so much to do, and your Real Estate agent may be pushing you to fix up, brighten up, and clean up before he or she brings through potential buyers. It…

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Shout Out To Our Client – Kurtz Millworks

One of the tremendous things about our business is that we have such great clients who operate their own businesses. And in a B2B world, it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to turn to one of your clients when you need services that they can provide. Recently, we needed some repairs to our front…

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Should You Use Dedicated Hosting Resources?

Over the years, shared hosting plans have become so inexpensive that it’s almost ridiculous for any business not to have a web presence with some kind of website. When we first started our business which included website hosting back in 1998, hosting costs for a website could be $1,000.00 per year or more! And you…

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